Royal Bum was founded in 2011 by Owner & creative director Clinton Bailey. It became a personal passion in the development of the brand from just making shirts to developing it into a business. When Royal Bum became an independent entity, Clint began falling in love with the concept of turning his creativity into a movement. “I began to gain an enormous following which led to revenue and exposure. After noticing the positive influence it had on people, I began to structure Royal Bum into a brand instead of just a few t-shirts.” Said Clint in Cosign Magazine’s Top 1000 Cosigns interview.


What does Royal Bum mean?

“I consider Royal Bum to be a message. The items we produce are a byproduct of our message. That message is “Chase your dreams to change your circumstance”. In short, we want to inspire individuals to be what they desire to be in order to better the situation that they’re in or currently going through. Transitioning from the bottom to the king or queen of your situation. That’s what a Royal Bum is.”- (Cosign Magazine’s Top 1000 Cosigns interview.)

Under Clint’s signature designs and aesthetic, Royal Bum Co maintains a strong focus on delivering streetwear goods with high integrity and matching quality, keeping true to its roots and remaining unchanged for 7 plus years.