*Limited Edition* Homage Collection

My birthplace and hometown is Newellton, Louisiana. Population 1,040. My graduation class consisted of 23 people. No major franchises, limited opportunities and limited resources. Some may call it the sticks but I’m proud to call it home. With not much to do, a kid like myself used my vivid and very artistic imagination to keep myself occupied and content to where none of the above mentioned things limited the possibilities of where my mind could take me. Never in a millions years Did I think my imagination would be a source of income and a passion. I’m told constantly that I inspire and motivate children and adults alike Back Home with some of the things I’ve accomplished thus far. I want to continue to inspire not only them but every person from small towns such as mines that your environment doesn’t determine your outcome. Our mascot was a fighting bear and with this message I wanted to share a piece of my story with the world and pay homage to my home. I was a small kid from a small town with even bigger dreams. My home made me who I am today. Available now online.

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