Bovtique Fashion week X CR8CAN Fashion Show Atlanta

About this Event

A partnership of independent fashion designers, boutique owners, merchandisers, producers, influencers, and models. Bovtiqve Fashion Week was created to establish a foundation of fashion and business trade, increase the economic and creative development in the areas of fashion design, clothing, merchandising, event production and modeling. BFW is held twice a year during the months of February and Septemeber. By rotating cities for every edition, BFW prodivdes a major American city the platform to make a significant impression on a critical sector of the fashion industry. It also highlights a city's capacity to thrive within the growth of one of the most profitable industries in the world.

"I've never been to Atlanta, but my brand was the reason i had to go. Forever grateful for the experience and the opportunity given to me by some phenomenal individuals. Special thanks to Franck Mille, Pretty Fly Society and Bovtique Fashion week for booking us." - Clint B.

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